Billy Sewell

Sergeant (Ret'd) - Royal Marines

The charity was formed after Billy shared his incredible story with the founder after a chance meeting. Having been shot multiple times during operations in Afghanistan he had lost a leg, suffered severe abdominal trauma (requiring 87 units in blood transfusions) and spent 2 weeks in a coma.

He had lost the career he loved, which supported his family and he had no idea what the future held, except for a distant dream that he wanted to fly.

Fast forward several years and, thanks to funding from his unit association and WFW, as well as a great deal of his own hard work and Billy is living that dream.

Cutting his teeth flying heavy-lift helicopters to oil-rigs and ships in the North Sea, he has since progressed to become the Chief Pilot of a busy Florida-based flight school and is back enjoying life again. This is the reason we do what we do!

Billy Sewell

Billy Sewell

To donate simply text WNGS43 to 70070 followed by your donation amount (e.g 'WNGS43 10' would donate £10 pounds)

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